St. Joseph's 71 - GW 56

So St. Joseph's beat George Washington on Tuesday, which sucks, as it really puts a damper on GW's hopes for an at-large bid to the NCAAs. I still think we deserve one, especially if we win 2 or 3 more games (that would be at Rhode Island, then one or two in the Atlantic 10 tournament in Cincinnati,) but the pundits are divided. The game was really not that exciting, St. Joe's basically hit their shots, especially Pat Carroll who seemed not to miss, and GW played kind of out of control. Only Mike Hall seemed like he wanted to win, getting a double-double with 19 points and 10 boards. Which was too bad, because it was senior guard TJ Thompson's last home game. But the worst thing about the game was this loud St. Joe's fan girl sitting behind me. She had a really annoying voice, your typical New York rich girl accent, kind of like a higher version of the girl from MTV's Rich Girls whose dad wasn't Tommy Hilfiger. And she made sure to yell about every play.

I've posted a few photos of the St. Joe's Hawk, their mascot who goes to every away game. The Hawk is impressive, he flaps his wings without stopping for the entire game, like 3 hours straight, no matter what he's doing or what's happening on the court. He also showed up our lame bunch of mascots by running all over the court and doing funny stuff, while our doofuses just sat around and danced a little. The Hawk in mid-flap.

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