so sometimes I take cabs to work, and I have figured out a list of stuff I like and don't like about cabs.

I like cab drivers who speed, as that gets me to work faster, obviously.

I also like ones who play interesting music from other countries, and ones who don't smell bad.

However, there are a lot more things I don't like.
Cab drivers who drive painfully slow. I took one ride where the guy never went above 20 miles an hour, it sucked. I told him I needed to get there soon, and he said "ok," but didn't speed up.

I also don't like cab drivers who play smooth jazz, which seems to be lot of them. What I don't understand about smooth jazz is that it's supposed to be soothing and stuff, but it really makes me want to punch out the window and tear the headrests off the seats. Honestly, some songs should never be played, and especially not with a squawky sax and a xylophone.

I don't like guys who take roundabout routes or keep forgetting where I'm going. "714 right?" "No, 941." "714?" etc. And I feel like I've driven enough in DC to know that Connecticut Avenue is not the fastest route from Adams Morgan to Union Station.

I also hate it when cabbies won't drop you off on the corner you want, even if it just means going straight. "That will make it harder for me to go north again." Well, this corner will make me wait to cross the street. I guess that's a quibble, but if that really makes it harder for the cabbie to get where they're going, why not just eliminate the middle man and drop me off at the metro station closest to where they picked me up?


Jim H said...

I hate DC cabbies that get all "why, I would never!" when I insist they stay in the zone, but if I don't say anything, they'll take a route that will take them outside the zone.

Andrew said...

Yeah, that too. And I also don't like it when a cabbie stops and asks you where you're going and then says no. I guess they might be going home or whatever, but it's annoying.