so I found a lot of cool and interesting sites recently.

-A lady found a finger in her chili at Wendy's. Pretty gross. You'd think that somebody would have noticed at some point though:

"Hey Boss, my finger got cut off and I can't find it. I think it fell in the chili."
"Are you sure you had it when you got to work?"

-My friend Mollie showed me a tshirt blog I had forgotten about that had this funny take-off of those Urban Outfitters state shirts:
Very clever idea, it's from a site called Cat and Girl, which also has a sometimes funny comic. I say sometimes because sometimes it's literature jokes that I don't get.

-I thought this was an interesting article, about an ad campaign for independent stores and things, called "Keep ____ Weird," as in "Keep Austin Weird" and "Keep Louisville Weird." The idea is that chain stores and big box retailers are sapping local culture by making smaller, interesting independent stores go out of business. I support this and I wonder if there'll be a "Keep DC Weird" campaign. Except billboards are illegal in DC.

-And apparently David Spade was wearing a penis-shaped fake nose in a sketch on SNL the other day. The blog I found it at, Boing Boing, says the sketch was making fun of Owen Wilson and his weird nose.


Anonymous said...

We've got shirts here that have a drawing of Kentucky on them and they say "Gettin' Lucky In Kentucky." I think that just about says it all.


definitely not mollie said...

wow that shirt is really cool. this mollie chick must be super cute and hip.

Andrew said...

They sell those shirts here too, and other ones like "Idaho? No, U Da Ho!" and "New Jersey, Only the strong survive." I really like this Virginia one.

As for that mollie chick, she is such a hippie

still not mollie said...


Andrew said...

that not mollie chick seems cool though