so this music site called Stereogum has a lot of cool new stuff on it. Beck and Daft Punk have albums coming out sometime soon, and there's a cool new Beck video linked on the site. There's also new Hot Hot Heat and New Order mp3s, but I am not terribly imrpessed my either. And finally, there's a link to 6 new Bright Eyes songs at MTV Italy of all places.

And in sort of other news, everything I've heard by Architecture in Helsinki has been excellent. They're sort of a catchier and more electronic Belle and Sebastian, if that means anything to anybody. Here's a few places to hear them.

New Mp3 on Fluxblog

Clips of the older cd on Amazon

And their own site


shesbitter said...

and our site!

glad you like stereogum and you're starting to read all the other random crap i do :)

shesbitter said...

oh and all the "so i . . . . " stuff is getting old. mix it up yo!

Andrew said...

you're getting old! and the so thing is staying, it's my country, love it or leave it!