so mostly so I don't forget anything, here is my most recent list of concerts I want to see. I've included a little blurb about them all, if anybody wants to go, email me!

MON JAN 31- THE BRAVERY $7 backstage 9:00 Black Cat POSTPONED! Now playing with Ash on March 13!

Fri Feb 4- "Lottery"--in which attendees chosen out of a hat perform with each other and some WIT players for a paying audience. 7:30 DCAC

Sat Feb 5- showcase for the many awesome college improv troupes in the area. 7:30 DCAC

SAT FEB 5 - Kings of Convenience $16 IOTA
an awesome, mostly acoustic band from Norway.

Sat Feb 19 - Mary Timony, Panoply Academy, Horses, Edie Sedgwick 9:00 Warehouse Next Door
I hear Mary Timony is good from various friends.

TUE. FEB. 22 - Le Tigre w/ Lesbians on Ecstasy & Measles Mumps Rubella 930 Club $15.00
Le Tigre is cool, dunno lesbians, and I know a guy in MMR, who are a pretty kooky art-rock ish band.

THUR FEB 24- TEENBEAT 20th anniversary featuring UNREST(reunion), EGGS (reunion), +/- (PLUS MINUS), TRUE LOVE ALWAYS, THE FONTAINE TOUPS, JONNY COHEN $12 Black Cat mainstage 8:00
Lots of bands, what I have heard was good.

FRI FEB 25- TEENBEAT 20th anniversary featuring TUSCADERO (reunion), VERSUS (reunion), FLIN FLON, ADEN, HOT PURSUIT, HOLLAND $12 Black Cat mainstage 9:00

TUES MAR 1- RACHEL’S, IDA $13 Black Cat mainstage 9:00
Used to listen to Rachel's at work, they're slow and almost like a chamber quartet or whatever, and I've heard of Ida somewhere.

FRI MAR 4- Moving Units, Secret Machines, Autolux. 9:30 Club $15.
Moving Units are really cool, catchy, 80's-ish indie rock that moves my feet immediately. I've heard Secret Machines are good as well.

SAT MAR 5- AMBULANCE LTD, VHS OR BETA $12 Black Cat mainstage 9:30
Ambulance Ltd put on a very good show, and I have heard of VHS or Beta. I prefer DVD though.

THUR MAR 10- ASH, THE BRAVERY $13 Black Cat mainstage 8:30
Also awesome show, catchy loud rock stuff, sort of like more muscular Weezer. I have heard stuff about the Bravery, their show was cancelled and added to this one. cool.

FRI MAR 11 - Hot Hot Heat, 9:30 Club
Again, catchy loud rock, but more dance-y.

Fri Mar 25 - Enon 9:00, Warehouse Next Door
Heard a few songs, pretty interesting experimental indie rock.

MAR 26 - Fatboy Slim 9:30 Club

THUR MAR 31- RADIO 4, SUPERSYSTEM (formerly El Guapo) $10 mainstage 8:30
Heard a few Radio 4 songs, kind of Rapture-y, and El Guapo is good. Wonder why they changed their name?

Heard a couple Outrageous Cherry songs, kind of interesting. Cheap!

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