so I found a pretty cool blog about t-shirts called preshrunk. It mentions some pretty cool sites, like toothpastefordinner, which is a funny name for a site, and basically the guys has my dream job. The guy who runs it makes funny shirts and power-pop songs. I like the one that says "If I had a dollar for every time I had 60 cents, I'd be Canada." Of course, when it comes to t-shirts, there's a thin line between funny and hipster. I also like cottonfactory, which has a lot of the shirts they sell at Urban Outfitters. My favorite there is the red one with the slice of pizza that says "Please don't eat me, I love you." Too bad it's 18 bucks. And 80stees is also cool.

In other news, Bob Marley's wife is exhuming his body to determine once and for all if he really smoked weed or not. No, she's actually going to rebury him in Ethiopia, his "spiritual resting place." Fair enough.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew, check out http://icantimmormon.com. Good stuff.

-the Misanthrope