so Alberto Gonzales, the Bush nominee for Attorney General who wrote the memo saying that torturing prisoners does not violate international or U.S. law, says he "plans to promise to abide by the government's non-torture policies," if he is confirmed. This is shocking! The attorney general plans to obey U.S. and international law?! He deserves a Nobel Prize immediately. It's pretty sad that he has to declare that. It's very funny, however, that he "plans to promise to abide by" the law, which is about the least definite way of saying you're going to do something that I can think of. And really, I think having to say "I won't advocate breaking the law again," is a pretty good reason not to make someone Attorney General, but maybe that's just me.

And in other news, Ashlee Simpson was booed after her Orange Bowl performance, which is pretty cool. Acid Reflux has some serious side effects.

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