so I was thinking about something or other today and Micro Machines came into my head. I had forgotten how cool they were and how much I loved those things. I used to play with them all the time, I had a bunch of city playsets, like a car wash and a gas station and some houses, and I'd to put them all together with a big Micro Machines airport and a big city thing and then I'd attack it with my Micro Machines tanks and planes and soldiers. It must have sucked for whoever lived in that city, considering it was getting invaded constantly. Plus the only restaurant I had was a fish and chips place, so they must have been fat. But anyway, after remembering more and more of the cool stuff I had, like an aircraft carrier, a train, and a Scud missile launcher, I decided to look online for Micro Machines stuff. I wasn't finding a lot, mostly Star Wars stuff and new sets where you can pimp cars and things like that. However, I did find a few cool things, like this video from some guy's blog showing his collection.

And then I found this, Micro Machines Museum, which has a lot of stuff I had forgotten about. It doesn't have some stuff I remember, but it's got a lot. I hope I still have all of mine, they might be worth something. Or I can at least put pictures of them online.

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