so I saw this article online the other day about the ethics of Bloggers and whether they ought to follow journalism rules about sources and fariness and stuff like that. Of course, I don't do that. I hear George W. Bush is gay. But the thing I really noticed in this article was this part:

"Zephyr Teachout, who was Dean's director of online organizing, likens it to crafting a constitution — not necessarily written as a formal code of conduct, but as a set of accepted norms."

That's great, but the guy's name is Zephyr Teachout? That's crazy. It sounds like a Kurt Vonnegut character or Sonic the Hedgehog's nemesis. And it seems like there are lots of guys with crazy names working as spokespeople recently, like my favorite, Commander Flex Plexico.

Maybe that's useful actually - I bet reporters are probably more apt to remember that Commander Flex Plexico called them than if Bob Williams or somebody with a plain name like that did.

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