so the Anaheim Angels baseball club is changing its name. Normally I would not care about this, but the new name is the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim," which is stupid. Apparently the team wants to change it to Los Angeles, but in order to use their stadium, which is in Anaheim, the team has to have "Anaheim" in their name. So they changed it to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and became instantly retarded. Pick a place, ok? And it's too much to say, it makes me tired. Can you imagine the announcers at the game? "Yooouuurrr Los Angeleeeees Angelssss oooooof Anaheimmmmmm!!!!" Uh, yay. I mean, why not make it the Phoenix Cardinals of Arizona and the Denver Rockies of Colorado while you're at it. The New England Patriots of Foxboro. The San Francisco Warriors of Oakland, Which Is In The Golden State.

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