so apparently there are some female gangs in the DC area now. This article talks about them a bit (at the bottom of the article).

But I have to say, I think their names are about the least frightening gang names possible: X-Rated Hunniez, Knockout Honies, and Most Wanted Honeyz. First off, they need to have a conference and figure out a standard misspelling of "honies." But come on, Honies? Honies is not scary, it's stupid. I can't decide if those names sound more like something you'd see in a terrible 80s movie or if they were the
enemies in the Double Dragon video game. "Oh no! It's the Knockout Honies!" If you want to inspire fear with your gang, don't name it with words that old Southern ladies use, like honey or sweetie or baby. Honestly, the only way these gangs could sound be scary is if Mandy Moore were their leader. I would suggest they use the word "bitches" instead of the variations of "honies." X-Rated Bitches is a lot more sinister sounding. And anyway, I prefer my female gangs to be like the band the Donnas, who sing punk-ish songs about drinking beer and getting with dudes.

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