so I've been talking about music lot recently and I thought I'd talk about the internet radio stations I've been listening to. I mentioned Yahoo Launch before, but it's a pretty great service, you rank bands and songs and then Yahoo will play bands and songs that are liked by people who like those songs (if that makes sense.) For example, if I say I like Daft Punk a lot, then it will play stuff that other people who like Daft Punk like (such as Air, Phoenix, Chemical Brothers, etc). Anyway, Launch has let me hear lots of bands that are getting buzz, old stuff I'd forgotten about, and lots of cool music I've never heard before, like Tyko, Head of Femur, 2Mex and Pink Grease (mentioned below). My station is at this link if you want to listen. It's mostly indie, classic rock, rap and some electronica.

When I'm looking for newer music, I check out two real radio stations that are online, WOXY, an Ohio station, and Indie 103.1. The only problem with these stations is that you can't skip songs like you can in Yahoo (obviously, since it's the radio). And the DJs are 103.1 are often famous people, which can be good and bad, because they know a lot about music, but often aren't the best broadcasters because they ramble or hit the wrong button or whatever.


shesbitter said...

and of course there's always kexp.org for your mainstream top 40 indie rock and pop.

Andrew said...

wow, fastest reply ever! i was thinking of including that one, but i never get around to listening to it. i hear there's a good station in annapolis too, WRNR, but i don't think you can listen to it online.