so I read this article about the lead singer of Fuel saying "fucking" at a concert in honor of the inauguration. First off, I didn't know Fuel was still famous or anyone still liked them, but it's funny nonetheless. The concert was called "America's Future Rocks Today," and was put on by conservative folks I guess, as the Bush daughters and their dad were all there. However, it sounds like they tried to make the worst concert possible, because the bill is Hillary Duff, JoJo, Ruben Studdard, 3 Doors Down (probably the worst of the numbered bands), Fuel, and Ryan Cabrera, that doofus who hung around with Ashlee Simpson on her reality show. Honestly, besides adding Ashlee Simpson herself and Kenny G, I really cannot think of a worse possible concert lineup. If those "musical" acts are our future, I'm going to make myself deaf and move away.

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