so motion detector toilets are dumb. The bathroom at work has some of those motion detector toilets, where if you walk away from it, it flushes. Unfortunately, one of the stalls has a loose door which swings back and forth whenever anyone walks by, triggering the motion detector over and over. It's really annoying. When I first was in there, I thought some asshole (no pun intended) was doing tons of courtesy flushes, maybe to tell everybody else that they should courtesy flush too. I was getting pissed off, it got to the point where I was going to yell "dude, we get it!" but then I noticed there weren't any feet in that stall. So I briefly entertained the thought that somebody was standing on the toilet, flushing over and over, or maybe there was a toilet ghost, but then I just figured the toilet was broken. Finally, a couple weeks later, I saw the door swinging after I walked by and heard the toilet flush over and over. So now I put a paper towel over the detector if I'm in there so it won't annoy me. It's kind of funny that nobody has ever gotten around to fixing it though. "Hmm, this toilet flushes 15 times when I'm in the bathroom. Oh well." But I guess the DC water authority can use all the money it can get, what with having to clean all the lead and chemicals out of the water.

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