So I went to see my first Nationals game yesterday, which also turned out to be my first rain delay. It was looking cloudy and grey before the game, but it really started to come down in the second inning. We were protected for awhile in our surprisingly good upper deck seats ($15) by an overhang, but eventually it started to get us wet, so we retreated up the seats into a dry area. The grounds crew was kind of laughable though, we spent most of the rain delay cracking jokes about their effectiveness. They rolled out the tarp too far from the field, so no matter how hard they pulled, it didn't cover the third base line. Then when the rain stopped, they brought out the big push-squeegees and sort of randomly tried to push the water off it-some guys pushed here, some there, until after 15 minutes or so, they organized themselves to all push in a row. Plus it seemed like there were maybe 10 or 15 guys total, which isn't that many for such a large tarp. (the photo is of them removing the tarp). So after some rain themed songs, like "Who'll Stop the Rain" by CCR and, surprising me, "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" by Travis, the rain stopped. The weird thing was that Nats pitcher John Patterson had a no hitting going for about 4 hours, as in the first inning and a half and the 2-hour rain delay. The Nats were up 1-0 at this point off a run which we missed. Unfortunately, when the rain delay ended, Patterson came back in, which I thought was unusual, and the Pirates promptly ended the no hitter with a homer on the first pitch. Then a few innings later one of the Pittsburgh relievers walked in a run and tied it up, and at about 11:30 or so, in the 6th inning, (the game started at 7:05) we gave up and went home. I read today the Nats won, 3-2. I had a good time though, the stadium was not bad, and the food was pretty good, especially the italian sausage with peppers and onions and the kettle corn. The beer was $5 for a medium sized plastic cup, but I guess that's too be expected. And no Clipper City or other tasty microbrews like at Camden Yards. But hey, those are $7 or $8 at the MCI Center, so maybe we're better off. And the Metro isn't as far as people complain.

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