so I'm going to see the Live 8 concert tomorrow in Philadelphia. It's probably not going to be a great concert, mainly because I actually want to see only a few of the 18 artists there, namely Stevie Wonder, the Kaiser Chiefs, Ludacris, Kanye West, and Jay-Z, assuming he is not with Linkin Park. Bon Jovi, Black Eyed Peas, Sarah McLachlan, and Will Smith probably won't be too bad, and I wonder how P. Diddy will be, but rest are sort of lame or downright terrible (Maroon 5, Jars of Clay.) They kept adding shitty bands to the lineup, I'm surprised they didn't add Hillary Duff and Lil Bow Wow, just to make it completely terrible. But that being said, it's free, and should be a good time. We're going to bring signs to hold up that say random things, like "Parents Just Don't Understand" (for Will Smith), "G8 IS GR8" (since the concert is about raising awareness for the G8 meetings), "Music" just because it's a stupid sign, "Yeah Debt Relief," "GWAR," "Vote or Die," "Zamunda Needs Debt Relief," (the country from "Coming to America") and "You are a hot chick," or possibly "Date Me I'm Cool" with an arrow. Jennifer Connelly, Naomi Watts, and Natalie Portman are all "hosts" at the show, so that last sign would apply to them. I also might make one of my favorite Ludacris lyric, "I got big balls, I'm a Sac King like Chris Webber." Though I bet he won't play that song, since it's sort of a family concert. Speaking of, I need to buy some booze for my flask I'm bringing. So look for my friends and I and our dumb signs on MTV.

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