Rumination station

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so I was going to rant about Karl Rove, who is a jerk, but I have been told that my blog is kind of "irate" recently. "I rate" it highly! Ha ha. So instead, here is a photo of some girls in bikinis bouncing around on those bouncy things, from when we had our kickball league scavenger hunt. (More photos here, including me topless. mostly under "Random Hunt Pics". Not super work safe). And I'm going to ruminate about pills, which I have been thinking about too. A lot of times when I take pills (you know, roofies and stuff), I can't tell if I swallowed it or not, like I don't feel it. So I get worried, maybe it fell out of my mouth or it went down the sink or something, especially when the water is running so I wouldn't hear it. Once I took another pill because I thought I dropped the first one, but I had actually had taken it, so I OD'ed on sinus medicine, which sucks. You get all jittery and can't concentrate and stuff. Nothing bad happened, and I got out of jail pretty quickly, but I was just sort of wonky feeling. So the moral of the story is don't take too many sinus pills, and hot girls in bikinis are cool.

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