so speaking of Philly, I forgot to mention that downtown Wilmington, Delaware looks pretty cool. I was looking for a picture of Wayne and Garth saying "hi, we're in... Delaware. Isn't it great to be in... Delaware" but I couldn't find one.

Anyway, the Greyhound stopped there on the way back, and it looks like they've done a lot of cool redevelopment downtown. There's a lot of new buildings with cool architecture and nice waterfront parks and stuff - it almost looks like a European city. Even the Greyhound station is a nice, new building. No idea if it's actually a happening town, but at least it looks cool.


elitistsnob said...

Wilmington is definitely not happening. It's mostly not nice areas except for the waterfront. There are a couple good restaurants, too.

donkey donkey said...

food...its delicious and good.

Disco Three Fat Boyz said...

Wilmington is freaking awful. Absolute hell-hole, between Sarayavo and Detroit. There's like 2 blocks that are nice around the town square. That whole place you were talking about that the Greyhound pulls into is private property. The park right next to the river is private property, which is total baloney. Private parks drive me crazy. The rest of Wilmington is short-order cook places, hand-me-down stores and liquor stores. The place is a nightmare if you are looking to fundraise, I tell you that much. I ran a few press conferences down there. What a waste.