so Google Maps is weird. If you go to the home page which shows the US, it shows all the state names and the names of major cities - New York, LA, Houston etc. But it also shows the names of a few other places - Dennis, NJ, Breitung, WI, Hibbing, MN, and Sierra Vista, AZ. What's the deal with these towns? Thanks to the wonder that is Wikipedia, I found that they have a combined population of 67,000. Ok. And yet cities like Nashville, Cleveland and Philly aren't on there. I understand not having labels for all the towns, especially when the state names are on there, buy why include these little dinky places? Breitung has 5,000 people, for example. It's weird.


Anonymous said...

maybe each of these towns is the location for some center of satellite imagery...I don't know. I also bet they aren't that far from larger cities.


Andrew said...

could be. Or maybe they're Google people's hometowns or something.