so i went to see the Oranges Band and the Bonapartes yesterday at the Black Cat. I went to see the Oranges Band, who are a pretty cool garagey rock band from Baltimore. The Bonapartes are from DC. The Oranges Band weren't as good as I hoped, mainly due to sort of muddy sound, but were still pretty entertaining. I bought their new CD, though I haven't had a chance to listen to it. And my buddy really liked the drumming.

The Bonarpartes, however, were kind of weird. They sounded good and were good performers, but I didn't really buy into them for some reason. It was strange, their music was pretty good, solid sort of Interpol/Elefant angular rock, and the lead singer was a good frontman - energetic, swinging his hips and dancing all over the stage, swinging the mic stand and so on, but they didn't really seem to connect, at least not ot me. It was strange, I'm not sure how to describe it - it sort of felt like they were trying to play to a big stadium rather than the Black Cat backstage, which is pretty small. They weren't convincing or they were too professional or something, I dunno. It was odd. As I said, they were still good performers and I would not be surprised if they "made it." And one of the guitarists looked a lot like Alan Cumming.

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