so how about that NCAA tourney! I guess the Missouri Valley conference is for real, they have two teams in the Sweet 16, with Bradley beating Kansas and Pittsburgh and Wichita State beating Seton Hall and Tennessee. And George Mason beat Michigan State and North Carolina too! That's ridiculous. I was in Greensboro for the GW games and was at a bar watching the games. After UNC squeaked out their win against Murray State, a UNC fan saw they would face Mason next and said "oh, we got this bracket." I said "hey man, Mason is pretty good, they beat Michigan State without their leading scorer, and he's coming back against you." He said "we got this bracket." Eat it!


shesbitter said...

too bad gw didn't advance too huh. then you'd have had three from the area in the sweet sixteen. you know who i'm rooting for though.

what did you think of mason before the start of the tournament though? did you think they even had a chance?

anyways, how's your bracket doing now?

Andrew said...

yeah, oh well, i'm not too upset about losing to Duke. would have been amazing though. as for Mason, I didn't think they had any chance, even in the first game again Michigan State. They suspended their leading scorer for that game because he punched a guy in the nuts the game before, which is pretty cool - suspending your best player for the biggest game of the year. And they still won! My bracket is ok, I picked GW to go far so oh well.