so here's my updated concert list. they've added a few good things, like the Oranges Band

so here's my newest concert list. not that much, really

Sat Mar 11- Measles Mumps and Rubella(CD RELEASE PARTY!) $10 w/French Toast & Free Blood DC9

THUR MAR 16- KARMELLA'S GAME, JINXED AT TWELVE $5 backstage 9:00 Black Cat. Karmella's Game are local and I've heard good stuff. That's also the NCAA tourney though, so we'll see.

TUE MAR 21- Stereolab w/ Sam Prekop with Archer Prewitt $18.00 930 Club

MON MAR 27- THE HARD TOMORROWS, GREENLAND $6 backstage 9:00 Black Cat two local bands, i like Greenland especially

TUES MAR 28- THE BONAPARTES, THE ORANGES BAND $5 backstage 9:00 Black Cat. The Oranges Band are from Baltimore and do pretty cool stuff - I really like "Ok Apartment", which you can download here.


Sat April 1: Hangar 18 (def jux), APSCI (quannum recs) Galaxy Hut. I heard one really awesome Hangar 18 song, and beyond that I dunno. might be neat.

SAT APR 8- Assrockers Club U-Turn 1942 11th Street NW. The Assrockers are a hilarious hard rock band from here. One of the guys took some improv classes when I was taking them, they're very funny.

SUN APR 9- ART BRUT, THE ROGERS SISTERS, THE ROBOCOP KRAUS $12 mainstage 8:30 Black Cat. I don't really know the first two, but Robocop Kraus sound pretty good, zey ist Ghair-mon electronik roke muzeek.

Mon Apr 10- The Sounds, Morningwood, Action Action, $15 930 Club. The attractive girl showcase, the Sounds are Swedish and pretty cool and Morningwood also has a cute girl, though I've never heard them. I especially like "Rock n Roll" on the Sounds myspage page. I actually got introduced to them by a Swedish girl wearing a The Sounds tshirt who I played strip beer pong with at a party. Racy huh! Unfortunately we crushed the opposition.

FRI. APR. 14- Ladytron 10pm Doors $15.00 930 Club. Ladytron are really cool electroclash stuff

Sun April 16: half handed cloud, Vollmar. Galaxy Hut Half-Handed Cloud is a guy in Sufjan Steven's band, and he opened for Sufjan awhile ago. I think I liked it, I forget.

FRI MAY 12- PINBACK $15 mainstage 9:30 Black Cat. Pinback are what is sometimes called laptop indie, which means sort of introspective stuff with some electronic bits, I guess. It's pretty cool and delicate stuff but a lot of the songs build in intensity. Check out "Fortress" on their myspace page and Lyon from their website.

MON MAY 15- PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES, GIANT DRAG $13 mainstage 8:30 Black Cat. The confident girl supershow. Giant Drag is a cool two-piece, and I have a thing for Annie, the singer and guitarist. They're pretty funny - they have songs like "Kevin is Gay", "My Dick Sux," and "You're Full Of Shit (Check Out My Sweet Riffs)" and on their myspace page, it says Sounds Like: crap. Plus she starts "Kevin is Gay" by making a sound from Street Fighter 2.

WED MAY 17- MATT COSTA, THE 88 $12 mainstage 8:30 Black Cat. I don't know much about either of these guys, but I downloaded a Matt Costa song I liked (here's the link), and the 88 are catchy power pop. Check them out on Myspace. They kinda remind me of OK Go.

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