so here's another stupid headline: "Water Ice detected on surface of comet." Yum! I'm going to that comet! I love Water Ice, which is sort of like a sno-cone or gelato. It's really good, I had some at the Crafty Bastards festival last year in Adams Morgan. Maybe I will be taking a trip to this comet next. Although there is also a Water Ice stand at Rhode Island Ave and 23rd St NE, which is closer.

DCist.com wrote about water ice too. Check out my comment there. I am "andrew."


dave said...

in philly where im from we have water ice. there is a chain called ritas water ice that is only open in the warm months. usually only people from around philly have heard of it in my experience.

handels said...

we've got a couple of rita's in annapolis - good stuff! there's also one on rhode island ave and one in silver spring.