so awhile ago I signed up for the Metro eAlerts, which are emails and text messages sent when there's a delay on Metro. However, they don't work. I usually get a couple each week, but I've noticed a number of times that I've been sitting in a delay, but not gotten any text message or email. Today, for example, I got to Gallery Place on the Green Line and walked upstairs to take the Red Line towards Glenmont. The platform was packed, which is unusual, and the sign with the times for trains was blank, so obviously something was up. After waiting for a few minutes, somebody came over the loud speaker to say "passengers going to Glenmont, the next train to service your platform is at Dupont Circle." A train came by, but didn't stop and was empty with some chairs up-ended. Then another 5 minutes and a packed Red line train comes in, and as usual dummies don't move to the middle of the train. The whole time, no text message saying there's a delay and no email in my mailbox once I got to work. If they had said something I would have just got out and walked, since I was only going to Judiciary Square. But thanks to no message, I sat and waited. Thanks Metro, something else you do poorly.

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