so I think this hubbub in the Muslim world about some cartoons of Mohammed is ridiculous - chill out. People are allowed (in this country and many others) to write about whatever they want, whether it's offensive to someone or not. The best argument you can make against this is to A. say you disapprove, and B. show that they're wrong. Muslims are angry because one of the cartoons (out of 12) shows Mohammed with a bomb-shaped turban, thus equating Islam with terrorism. Ok, yes, that is sort of offensive. However, arguing that not all Muslims are terrorists and then destroying the Danish embassy is pretty counter-productive, you morons. It's basically telling someone "I'm not a violent person" as you punch them in the face.

Some Muslims are agruing that it's illegal to say anything anti-Semitic in a lot of countries in Europe, so why is it legal to say stuff against Muslims? They neglect to say that it's also legal to say things against Christians, and no Christians care. So I say grow some thicker skin, people are going to say something that will piss you off at some point, deal with it. Secondly, it's not the same thing - millions of Jews were killed because people were inflamed by anti-Semitic rhetoric, and Europe wants to prevent that from happening again. I still am sort of against this ban on anti-Semitic stuff, but I can see the point.

Christopher Hitchens has a good article on it too. He gets pissed.


alex! said...

Hahahaha, Christopher Hitchens was probably literally pissed when he wrote that. So, I added a link to Colonial Hoops and I'd be stoked if you reciprocated!

BTW, I think we graduated the same year from GW ('02).


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right-O sir.

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for real...