so I saw the end of the State of the Union and the Democratic response: Tim Kaine's eyebrow is crazy. Despite the crazy eyebrow though, I thought he was a good speaker. But although I missed most of the president's speech, he did say a few things I was surprised about- he mentioned a couple times that public officials need to be accountable, given that a bunch of his boys are in jail or under investigation, and that he said we shouldn't think that America is declining. I have sort of worried about this, it seems like other countries disagree with us almost constantly, mostly about the war, but also about various other things - the environment, for example. I hope this is only a momentary glitch and the US will continue being a respected country once the current gentlemen is gone. But I'm not so sure. All empire collapse eventually, right?


Donkey Kong said...

Besides "his boys," you forgot to mention that a senior Democrat from Louisiana is under investigation for bribery, since his former aide has pled guilty and is testifying that Jefferson took money and other gifts in exchange for official actions.


Even liberal Democratic blogges are upset that the lead person in charge of the Democrats ethics reform package, Rep. James Clyburn from SC, took a trip paid for by Jack Abramoff.


And in 1995, the Dem cheerleader on ethics reform, Nancy Pelosi, voted against prohibiting lobbyists from giving gifts to members and staff of the House and Senate.


Andrew said...

in 1995, who gives a shit. way more repubs than dems took abramoff's bribes. i could post daily kos blogs til i went blue in the face but i won't, kong.

Celia said...

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