so I saw this at GWhoops.com, it's a video of one of the contests at the GW games where guys shoot free throws to win some stuff. I think it was the Rhode Island game last month. This guy is having some trouble. It's best to listen with the sound on, then you get his friends' comments.

It reminds me of the time I was in one of those contests at the Smith Center. I had thirty seconds to make a layup, a free throw, and three pointer, and a half court shot, and if I made them all, I'd win a Hummer or a $20,000 scholarship. Obviously I'd choose the Hummer.

So I got the ball at the free throw line and did a running layup, which I missed. Then I did another running layup and another, missing them both. Everybody started to boo. I missed another, then I just got under the basket and made a layup that way. I ran to the free throw line and made the first free throw I took, then ran to the three point line and made the first three pointer. The crowd turned and started cheering, and as I was running to take the half court shot, time expired. But it was pretty sweet, I turned the crowd from booing me (rightfully so, that was wack) to cheering, and I won a cell phone, a jacket, and a tote bag as a result. It was very cool.


Edmund Schluessel said...

Until Attila Cosby stole it.

Andrew said...

haha. good call.