so my pal Donkey Kong first alerted me to this - there's going to be a March on Georgetown to advocate for a GW-Georgetown basketball game. Pretty awesome! I've been hoping for this for years. The march will meet up this Saturday at 1 pm at Kogan Plaza and head over to Georgetown. I'll definitely be there. It's ridiculous, GW and Gtown haven't played since 1982, even though both teams are now ranked, and have still played each other more than any other schools.


Ben said...

why don't they play?

Beth said...


Andrew said...

nice! i am sending that to my coworkers.

as for why they don't play, i guess georgetown is afraid to lose to us. a few years ago they talked about playing, but Gtown would only play at the MCI Center (their home court), wouldn't give GW many tickets, would take most of the receipts, and wouldn't play at GW's home court. They also wouldn't play at their on-campus facility, McDonough Arena. so that would be unfair to GW