so there's a lot of basketball related articles I've been reading lately:

GW Hopes to Avoid Another Swoon - from the Post, about GW's common problem of starting strong and slumping during the winter. it's happened every year during Hobbs' tenure.

The Secret World of College Basketball Managers, by a GW alum, Clay Travis. Very funny article about his experiences on GW's sidelines. Clay posts on gwhoops.com a lot, and also had a pudding strike against the NFL - he ate nothing but pudding (mostly Snack Packs) for about 50 days protesting the fact that he couldn't watch NFL games in the Virgin Islands, where he lived. A pretty hilarious page, he still keeps it going, even though the NFL didn't cave to his demands. And he answers reader mail, like my letter on day 49. Check it out.

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