so I found some pretty funny stuff on the interweb today.

-First, my pall Jess sent me this really cool site called beermapping.com which has maps with breweries and brewpubs, plus where all the bars, breweries, beer stores, etc are in various cities. The guy who runs it tells me he'll have DC in the next week or so.

-Also, my pal Edmund wrote about this ridiculous movie called Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam, which is a Turkish rip-off of Star Wars, complete with inserted footage of the Star Wars movies and music from Indiana Jones and others. It looks ridiculously bad and funny. I personally like the quotes from IMDB, which sound like "All Your Base":

Cüneyt Arky'n: Begin to your famous whistle which no women can resist.
Aytekin Akkaya: [Whistles]
Cüneyt Arky'n: You whistle it wrong
Aytekin Akkaya: Why?
Cüneyt Arky'n: Skeletons came instead of woman

What the hell? This page has a hilarious review, and there's more about it from Wikipedia.

-DCist.com linked to a post about some DC cops riding on the hoods of police cars, being followed by three more police cars, with everybody yukking it up. I mean, I goof off at work so I can't be too upset. Actually, I think it's pretty funny. At least they aren't racing I guess.

-And finally, I read two articles on Yahoo about people being the ancestors of tons of other people - an Irish king has 16 million descendents, and four Jewish ladies are the ancestors of 40% of the Ashkenazi Jews. I guess everybody is sort of inbred.

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handels said...

you forgot the best part - irish dude's name is NIALL OF THE NINE HOSTAGES - what could be cooler? i totally pitched this this morning and we would have done it if not for ziggy the parrot: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/world/3594172.html