so I like to look at people's away messages on Instant Messenger. I think the ones that say "I am away from my computer right now" suck - think of something creative, please.

But the ones that I think are odd are the ones like "I'm at dinner, call the cell." Is "call the cell" really that necessary? One would assume that if you aren't there, it wouldn't make any sense to send an instant message, so calling would be the only option. Right? I mean, maybe all their friends are retarded - "it said you were at dinner, and I sent you 50 instant messages but you never got back to me!! What gives!!!" Unless there is some option besides cell phone that I haven't thought of - maybe semaphore? a telegraph? I don't get it. Plus it's always a command - "Call the cell." not "call the cell if you need me" or "please call the cell." It's weird.


dave said...

whats a semaphore

Beth said...

i like calling people with my mind