so sometimes I wonder if DC is being overbuilt. There are so many new condos going up around the city, and population dropped by 50,000 since 1990 according to the Census, that is seems like it's untenable. I mean, where are these people coming from to buy these fancy new condos and such? Are they moving out of other places in DC? If so, who's replacing them? If they're coming from outside DC, who are all the people leaving? I remember reading in geography classes that part of the reason Harlem was a not so good neighborhood was that there was a housing boom in the 1800s, and housing was built faster than demand could keep up with it, then the market collapsed - which seems like is going to happen in DC. Unless the people leaving are from the areas of the city where there isn't a condo boom (i.e. outside of NW and Capitol Hill), in which case the condos will keep going up, more rich folks will buy them, and whoever it is that is leaving will keep leaving. Assuming the economy doesn't take a downturn, in which case I think there will be a lot of empty condos with Italian marble counters and 12 foot ceilings and all that stuff.


Jenny said...

Who's leaving? Mostly poor families (Hispanics and Blacks).

Who's moving in? Mostly young, single professionals.

That's why the overall population has gone down.

Scenic Artisan said...

harlem had its ups and down.

It the late 1800 german and irish immigrants lived there and it fell to ghetto status.

Then it was gentrified by middle class blacks starting around 1900.

then it thrived for a while.

pretty fascinating stuff though.