New Toothpaste

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So I got this new toothpaste the other day, Aquafresh Extreme Clean. I am not a big fan. For one thing, it tastes like bubble gum flavored soap. It's kind of sweet, and I feel like toothpaste shouldn't be sweet, since that probably means there is sugar or something in it, sort of eliminating the purpose of toothpaste. It's also red, which means it looks like I have a mouthful of blood. Not too great. It does this weird foam thing too, which is odd. So as soon as this is done, I'm going back to the old minty stuff.


rae said...

nice, you finally got a real digital camera!

happy new year an.drew.

Andrew said...

thanks r.ae

Kill said...

Try Crest Cinnamon Burst.

Still looks like blood, but tastes tingly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not to be snarky or anything, but... maybe you DO have a mouth full of blood.

Andrew said...

well I am a vampire, but that's beside the point.

Kill said...

I didn't know you were a vampire.


We have much to discuss. *snicker*