so there is some interesting geography news in the house today -

an article about digitizing roads called "Modern Cartographers Vital in Digital Age," which I of course agree with. I've read a few articles about guys doing this, it's interesting. The weird thing is that in the photo, the two guys are called "Senior Geographic Analysts." That is a pretty high-sounding title, it seems like senior analysts wouldn't be the guys driving around, they'd be back in the office being bosses. But who knows.

And a really interesting article from Wired about making a robotic car that can drive itself, which also talks about map making (and Navteq, the company in the first article.) Those Navteq guys are getting a lot of press. We actually use Navteq data where I work too.

And the funny rap song in my previous post has a couple lines about mapping websites as well. Double true!

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