so I've been out to eat a lot recently. The other day I went to the Islander, a Caribbean place at 12th and U St NW. It was ok, I had goat curry with rice and peas and curry potatoes. They were all decent, but I felt like they all could have used more seasoning. And the goat was stringy, but that may just be how goat is, since that's the first time I've had it. The service though was very bad, the waitress came over and asked what we wanted, then never came back. We got the food and water from somebody else, and didn't get a refill of water until I walked around and grabbed somebody, and then they didn't give us any water until we were about to leave. The atmosphere was kind of blah too, there was really loud live jazz, but I'm not a jazz fan, and the place is pretty barren, white walls and white tablecloths, etc. Ho hum. Prices were moderate, I think my goat was $10ish.

The second place I went to was Meskerem, an Ethiopian place on 18th St in Adams Morgan. We got a sampler platter, which was decent. The injera, squishy bread, was good, and the various foods (mostly vegetarian) were decent. Some of them were interesting because I thought they'd be warm, then when I took a bite it was cold. I assume they were supposed to be that way. However, I also wished that the food was a little more peppier. Although it's possible they don't spend as much time on the sampler platter as they do the entrees. But it was still good and interesting food, but could have been better. And they have Ethiopian beers, which are good. I had the Hakim Stout, which is a sweet, pretty light stout. Tasty. My pal had some honey wine (mead), which was kind of mediciny and too sweet to drink. But it was from Ethiopia, so it was worth a try for curiosity's sake. The atmosphere was good, with Ethiopian decoration and tables and chairs. It was a little more expensive, I think the sampler was $24 for two.

The third place is Amsterdam Falafel Shop, also on 18th in Adams Morgan. I love this place. The falafel(s?) are delicious, and there are tons of tasty toppings you can add. I've been there tons of times and have yet to try them all. It's not a fancy place, as it's just quick food, but it's nice inside with lots of Dutch stuff. They also have solid fries with Dutch mayo and sometimes have shwarma, which I have yet to try. But this place is great, whenever I go there I am amazed how good it is. And mostly cheap, a whole falafel is like 5 or 6 bucks.

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