Borf back in the news

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so my pal sent me an article on Borf, apparently he went to a court appearance the other day. He sounds like an idiot though, he was in the courtroom with paint on his shoes, hands, and clothes, and after the hearing, they found a new Borf tag outside the courthouse. I mean, I assume he thinks he's cool and thumbing his nose at "the man," but this, and his various dumb political screeds, makes it seem like he thinks he's too cool for school. I wish he would stick to writing funny stuff and drawing giant faces and BORFs on the side of buildings.


ebola vagina said...

dude, I see BORF tags all over the place in Berkeley, CA. I've seen several images of the face and some BORFs on mailboxes here.

nick said...

borf's just a kid that's still growing up.

Andrew said...

ebola vagina! ahaha.