so the bizarre antics of Jonathan Rees, the Ward 3 Council candidate, continue. A DCist.com post about the Rees saga has 93 comments, most of which are by Rees or his stooges, and go from pretty weird to completely bizarro. Other people posting comments cite various internet sources saying Rees has anywhere from zero to 3 kids, and then supposedly one of the kids, Anita, started posting. Eventually "she" starts calling DCist writers "pencil dick" and such, it's pretty strange. And "Anita" only starts posting after Jonathan brags he got tickets to the mayoral debate and his opponent Sam Brooks didn't, but somebody points out that if he had tickets, we would already be half an hour late for the debate, as the comment came at 7 pm. However, "Anita" is obviously Jonathan, because the posts read exactly the same. Unfortunately, the comments are now locked on that thread, but it's a hilarious and crazy read. The man is obviously off his rocker. That, or Sam Brooks has some very funny and devious dudes working for him. I'm pretty sure it's the first option though.

I think Jonathan Rees would be a great Halloween costume. And now that I think of it, his posts make about as much sense as the guy posting crazy ads around Logan Circle. Maybe they are one and the same:


That says "DO YOU NEED A PAINTER? Army Veteran Umbrellas $12.00"


Anonymous said...


Brilliant stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well, Rees knows no bounds. He now appears to be impersonating a DC police officer. Rees has made posts on both DC Pages http://www.dcmessageboards.com/index.php?showtopic=7430 and DCist http://tinyurl.com/ddaql pretending to be Officer Jose Magana (a real MPD officer).

These Magana messages, written in Rees' style and from the same IP address that Jonathan Rees uses (according to somebody on DC Pages), are supportive of Rees. Does Jonathan Rees realy think that a DC police officer would post under his own name messages supporting Rees?

Maybe, finally, somebody will call Rees to task on this one!

Andrew said...

Man, that guy is absolutely fucking crazy.

Anonymous said...

This gets even better:


I love the follow up posts from Mr. Rees claiming that IP addresses are not accessible via Yahoo.


M.R. said...

More info about Rees: http://aliases.wordpress.com/ It's Rees in a nutshell (pun intended)