so I read today that Metro is going to put signs that say "Walk on the left, stand on the right" in stations. This is good news. I hate it when stupid tourists or other dummies stand where I would otherwise be walking, and thus block everybody and make me miss the train.

Also, my coworker sent me this completely messed up article: a guy cut off his balls after his favorite rugby team won, and he's not too sure why. Apparently he told his pals "if we win, I'll cut my balls off!" Though usually when people make statements like that ("I'll eat my hat") they don't actually do it. It's called "exaggeration." His description of doing it is so matter-of-fact and weird, the guy must be a psychopath. But a self-psychopath or something. I bet there is a word for that.


jojo barbados said...

actually he is not a psychopath - psychopath and sociopath stems from antisocial personality disorder (APD to the extreme), and is most commonly referred to people with no grasp on legal/moral/cultural rights and wrongs etc.. Sociopaths are individuals who lack a conscience, or lack a complete understanding of right and wrong. For instance an individual would manipulate a person/people to any extreme to achieve the greater outcome that they desire and would either not understand that their actions were wrong, or would twist reality to make it seem as though their actions were for the common good of all. A psychopath however is more complex because it is not a matter of conscience or strict right/wrong but an issue of emotion, behavior, interpersonal relationships and apathy amongst other things. A psychopath could care less about right or wrong, knows what remorse or guilt is but just does not feel it... for lack of better word - cold - hearted. These two terms are mostly related to criminals since most commit violent crimes (not that all criminals are pschopaths or sociopaths). Both also are in relation to their actions with other people, not to themselves. It's more complex than this of course but in short, this guy may be suffering from another personality disorder, however i highly doubt it, none match up... he most likely has a biological disorder with self mutilation as a key symptom. Then again im no psychologist.

Andrew said...

ah, thank you Professor Barbados