so I went to a Capitals hockey game the other day, it was fun stuff. It was pretty boring for awhile as the Caps went down 0-2, but they tied it up and eventually won in the overtime shootout, which was pretty cool to see. I'd heard a lot about the Caps rookie Alexander Ovechkin, but man, he is really amazing. Our seats were really high up in the arena, and a bunch of times we'd see a guy fly past defenders to get a shot off but couldn't tell who it was, and every time that guy turned around, it was Ovechkin. He scored the game tying goal with about 15 seconds left in the 3rd, going alone against 3 defenders, he just skated around them all and beat the goalie, it was amazing. Then to top it off, he won the game in the OT shootout. And besides the goals, he made a ton of nice moves dodging defenders and making passes, my friend and I were both really impressed. It's not often an athlete makes you me "whoa!" numerous times a game. Aside from JR Pinnock I guess.

Here's the AP article about the game we saw.

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