so I was looking at a website with the names of DC neighborhoods, and I got to thinking about the names. I decided to go through and write what I thought the name sounded like - not what I know about the place, but just what the name itself sounded like. So here are the results. Feel free to post your own ideas about the names if you so desire. I posted some of my favorites here, the full list is on this page.

Arboretum – sounds ghetto. Arboretum is an old word and is kind of unattractive, which makes me think the hood is the same way.
Cardoza – like a small Texas town. So small they only have 6 man football.
Cleveland Park – I know it’s nice, but sounds kind of crappy. Who names something for Grover Cleveland?
Eastland Gardens – sounds very ghetto. “Gardens” also sounds bad. Like a low income burb developed in 1900, and now it’s worse, or maybe a big housing project. I’ve never heard of this place before.
Lower Central Northeast – this is a name of a neighborhood? How stupid.
Park View – ghetto (“view” is bad to me too. If it were nice, you wouldn’t have a view of the park, you’d be in the park, right? Though Parkside sounds ghetto also.)
Pinehurst Circle – very ghetto. I’ve never heard of this place
Pleasant Plains – ghetto too. If you have to tell somebody it’s pleasant, it’s probably not.
Skyland – what? This is a stupid name. sounds like shitty little 60s houses
Southwest Employment Area – you’ve got to be kidding me. You can’t come up with a name for this place? It must be a wasteland if the only thing remarkable about it is that people are employed there.
Stronghold – this is really a neighborhood? Man, I don’t want to live anywhere near there. It sounds terrrrrible.
Swampoodle – this is awesome. I love this neighborhood name. It’s the area around Union Station
The Palisades – oh, very shi-shi. “The” sounds nice and Palisades. fancy pants mcgees live here.
Truxton Circle – sounds like crap
Washington Mall – sounds dumb. Really though, if you lived in the Washington Mall part of Chicago or something, I would think that is a stupid name for a neighborhood


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