so I wasn't really paying much attention to the DC City Council races for 2006, and then I noticed some weird posts on the Logan Circle list serve about Sam Brooks. They were kind of strangely written and didn't make a whole lot of sense. One of the posts said something about a Washington Blade article saying somebody posted a bunch of things under his name on various websites saying he was a white supremacist and wanted to outlaw homosexuality and stuff. His campaign denied that he made the posts, and his opponent, Jonathan Rees, said he was appaled too. Pretty weird stuff.

Here's one of the two posts from the Logan Circle group. It seems weird, because for one thing, the title, "BE CAREFUL FOR INTERNET POLITICAL CAMPAIGN FRAUD" doesn't really match the first part of the email. It seems like the title would be something about Sam Brooks not really living in Ward 3.

"Ramon Rivera" stewart20008@...
Date: Thu Nov 3, 2005 10:19 pm

Email the director of the DC OCF and demand that Sam Brooks come forward NOW and prove his bonafide residence in Ward 3!


The DC Office of Campaign Finance is investigating Sam Brooks for fraud in his claims of having moved into Ward 3 for purposes of running for city council from our ward whereby many people went to his allege home and campaign headquarters only to find nobody ever there, neighbors who deny ever seeing him and otherwise nobody has been able to verify his claims where the former U.S. Attorney Wilma Lewis overseeing the DC Board of Elections & Ethics and Office of Campaign Finance has asked that this matter be investigated.

Mr. Brooks campaign website does not offer voters any address to his campaign headquarters, no telephone number to call or even an email address but a clear request for voters to send him money but no mechanism for a contributor to verify a contribution or any safeguard against overcharging.

NOTE: The OCF can verify this matter! Call 202-671-0550

Sam Brooks' website, here, is kind of generic, but I dunno, it doesn't make me think it's not legit. And anyway, Logan Circle is not in Ward 3, Ward 3 is the westernmost part of the city. Seems weird that somebody who lives in Logan Circle would be posting about another ward's election. The next email was even weirder:

Ramon Rivera" stewart20008@...
Date: Fri Nov 4, 2005 9:19 pm
Subject: JUST SAY NO TO SAM BROOKS A CRY BABY LIAR...! stewart20008
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After reading Lou Chibarro's article today in "The Washington Blade" along with all the trash that I have seen the past few weeks on the internet as it concerns the attacks on all ward three candidates, I am convinced that Sam Brooks is behind the attacks on himself and did it so he could go running to the press and get free publicity.

Article > http://www.washblade.com/2005/11-4/news/localnews/ward3.cfm

If you have followed our ward race then you would see that you can turn nowhere in our ward without stumbling over campaign literature for Jonathon Rees.

If I was a candidate so far behind the eighth ball as Sam Brooks is, I too would probably employ the strategy of shooting myself in the foot and then contact the press and blame someone else so I can get a free story to bolster my non-existent campaign.

This story was so pathetic that I will vote for anyone other than Sam Brooks a big phony, cry baby!

Gloria Guiterrez

First off, it doesn't sound like something somebody would say, it seems too formal or something. Another weird thing, is that neither the email, the name on the post, and the signature match - stewart20008, Ramon Rivera, and Gloria Gutierrez, all of which are pretty generic-sounding names. It's really strange, it makes me think that maybe somebody is posting these trying to discredit Sam Brooks under fake names. The Blade article is pretty odd too.

The Post has a piece about it too


KCinDC said...

Posts like that are all over Craigslist, often in completely irrelevant sections, and some of them are even more bizarre. It really looks like Jonathan Rees, Brooks's opponent, who's been spamming Craigslist for months, is tied to some of them. I wrote a little about it on DCDL.

KCinDC said...

Hmm, Rees and his supporters, or cult members, or multiple personalities, or whatever they are have discovered my blog post and are now denouncing me as part of the Brooks conspiracy.