so I was talking about the Real World with my roommate and my pal Sarah at different times, and I think we all agreed that it is kind of lame. I like the show and have watched a lot of it, but it seems like they are increasingly going for only your average jerky jocky frat dudes who say "son," the hot and dumb country girl, and sometimes a token messed up hipster or semi-punk person. Honestly, I know lots of cool, fun, outgoing hip type people, but they never have them on the show. The only people sort of like that I can think of were Frankie from San Diego, who was retarded and had some weird complexes, and Puck from San Francisco, who was bizarre. This season has some girl, whose name I forget, who is sort of a hipster but doesn't seem too interesting, she kind of stands around and occasionally is mildly shocked by some frattish behavior. The London people were all pretty cool and I guess could be considered hip, and I really liked that season. Of course, there wasn't a lot of drama (besides Neil getting his tongue bitten at his concert, but that didn't really involve the roommates) so I guess MTV may consider that one a failure. Maybe hip folks don't try out for the Real World, but it seems strange that they can't find any cool people who aren't easily stereotyped - i. e. "jerky jocky frat dude," "token minority gay character," "attractive but dumb country girl," and so on. It seems like if you have a reality show and all your characters fit into that mold, you didn't do a good job of casting it. But I guess they probably go for overly emotional and dramatic people first, looks second, and uniqueness third (or maybe even lower). And this season seems pretty terrible so far, they're all kind of annoying and get emotional immediately. But I guess that's what MTV is going for, supercharged emotional pretty people.

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emma discovery said...

it's so bad. of course i still can't miss it, but it's SO BAD. except the xray of that kid who got punched in the head. that was pretty cool.