so it looks like Borf was arrested, which I think is too bad. Apparently he's an 18 year old from Great Falls, although the Post article doesn't say if that's Great Falls, Maryland or Virginia - dum-dums. And in further shoddy journalism in the piece, the MPD spokesperson says "Citizens are ecstatic about him being caught." What citizens? I'm not ecstatic. I liked Borf's stuff, it was usally funny, clever or impressive, like the huge face on the route 50 sign in Virginia. This story screams for people's reactions, both because it would interesting, and because you shouldn't always take statements like that as facts. DCist has a post on it as well, with the usual battles in the comments section. (Posted is my most recent Borf sighting, as well as some highlights from Flickr)

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Borf on the Bridge
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Borf Lives said...

Someone needs to start a "Free Borf" grafitti campaign

Andrew said...

someone's already trying to cash in on it at least:


Edmund Schluessel said...

I saw the piece on it on channel 5's news this afternoon -- the anchors kept saying that people were happy the tide of graffiti was over, but none of the people-in-the-street they talked to seemed upset.

Paul said...

I like Borf. I once ran into a guy who said he was Borf, but in fact he was referring to the evil villain from the old SPACE ACE laser disc arcade game, not the hip tagger.

Just so you know.