so sometimes people are morons when it comes to email lists. I subscribe to the email listserve for Dr. Dremo's, a cool bar in Arlington, and somebody wrote to the entire list saying "Please unsubscribe me." So seconds later, somebody wrote back, "uh oh, guess what's going to happen next!" and surely enough, I soon got 5 more emails "yes, unsubscribe me too!" then morons saying "no, don't go, it's a cool bar!" Then some people tried to help, "no, send an email to this address to unsubsrcibe," when in fact the address they gave was just the list's address, so all those new emails went to everybody, until finally a bunch of people wrote "NO! UNSUBSCRIBE-EVENTS@" etc. The flood stopped then, but there's still a trickle of retards writing "Ok, thanks" or "it's not working! I am still getting emails!" So basically, I got 30 emails in 2 minutes. Thanks, shitheads.

(update, 5 minutes later:)
Actually, this is getting funny now. Half the people are writing "AARGH QUIT IT GOD DAMNIT!!!" and the other half are amused, such as "I'm dying! this is the funniest thing i've ever read. thanks new friends!" I think people are going to start typing random off-topic stuff soon. Luckily it's started going to my spam filter.


Uri said...

Thanks for sharing this little slice-of-life with us, Andrew.

Andrew said...

shore thing, uri

Edmund Schluessel said...

Michael Quest 2.

Just watch it, yo.