so I'm getting really sick of these year end list / year in review shows on TV now. they have them for everything - best sports moments, best talk show moments, best show about tacos, whatever. how about some actual crap on TV that I haven't seen before? And when it comes to the best sports moments on ESPN, i've already seen and heard about these things 8,000 times. We get it, Terrell Owens was a jerk, ok, shut up about it now. Yes, steroids was big news, now tell me something new. It's like some kind of worship of the past or something. And the worst kind of this show is when they do the "I Love the 80s" style lists and have random people trying to make little funny quips about "the year's biggest scandals" or whatever - shut up! Jokes cease to be funny when there are 50 of the same kind of jokes in a minute, all about stuff I don't care about. I could give a shit about what place Jude Law's nanny or whatever was in the biggest scandals of the year. In fact, I could give a shit about it when it happened. She wasn't my nanny, so who cares. TV needs to get a life.


Mandi said...

It all started with the "Reality TV Craze", My Friend.

Jean said...

yeah uhhh you are hella funny.

thanks for the five minutes of entertainment.


ps- i cannot stand the end of the year bs either. more power to you.

Andrew said...

glad you liked it, Mean Jean Okerlund