so sometimes I really hate Metro and the people who ride Metro - I want to beat the crap out of it and them. Today I walked to the Shaw/Howard U stop at 8:10, and that is three stops from where I work, Judiciary Square. So I should have been at work at 8:25 at the latest. When I got to the platform, the sign said "Green line 7 minutes" which is about 5 minutes longer than I usually wait - but the train didn't come for at least 15, which is ridiculous. And of course, for no good reason, the Yellow line trains don't share the track at Shaw-Howard. Eventually they started saying stuff about delays, but I only heard Greenbelt, which is the opposite direction. When the train finally showed up it was packed with people, and about half of us on the platform couldn't fit in, so we all got pissed and moved back while the folks on the train tried not to look at us. So we sat and waited for the next train, another 5 minutes. When I finally squeezed my way on that one and got to Gallery Place, I had to squeeze on the Red line, while some stupid morons in the middle of the train car had open seats next to them and didn't sit down. Maybe they were getting off soon (although I got off before they did anyway), but even so, offer it so somebody else, shitheads. I just now signed up for the Metro eAlerts, which is good - if I had known the Green line was delayed, I would have walked to the Convention Center stop and taken the Yellow. But I wish there was some kind of Metro Jerk Police who would fine morons who don't move towards the middle, don't walk on the left, etc. If they're having so much trouble with funding, why not fine idiots, it's a limitless resource.

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