so it's Christmas, Merry Christmas everybody. My pal "Janevsky" made a good point in an email to me: how can Santa deliver presents to kids in DC and New York City? There are no-fly zones there. Kids within however many blocks of the White House are out of luck I guess, unless Santa lands and catches a cab all over town or something. But they'd probably charge a lot for carrying all his stuff, he'd go bankrupt. I mean, I assume that it's pretty cheap to run the sleigh, all you have to do is feed reindeer, but a bunch of cabs - that's big dollars. I wonder how Santa is funded? Big philanthropists? Licensing from t-shirts and costumes and stuff? Some sort of pyramid scheme?

Here's the site NORAD has for Santa. I wasn't aware that government agencies like NORAD used the .org ending. You think it'd be .gov or .mil - like Santa.mil

also, it looks like the site's video flyovers are using Google Earth and maybe ArcScene or ArcGlobe for those geography nerds out there.


Beth said...

well you should probably take into account the good vs naughty children ratio in the area also. and i always thought santa used the metro/subway system in bigger cities

leyn said...

unless I'm mistaken, it's only the US gov't that uses the .gov ending or the .mil ending--all the major organizations that had websites before the .int ending came out had .org endings, and some of them kept them. The UN, for instanc, though the EU has since switched to .int. The World Bank and IMF also have .org endings.