so I saw this crazy thing awhile ago, it's very funny. check it out.

There's also a Christmas one of Chewbacca.

Apparently it and other things like it are called "ytmnds," which is a website with an image, sometimes animated, and some kind of sound clip. YTMND stands for "you're the man now, dog" the line Sean Connery said in that movie, "Finding Forrester." I guess the most famous one is Tom Cruise zapping Oprah with death rays. There are a lot of really good ones on the website, ytmnd.com.

My favorites are the Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Change Facial Expressions one, cuppy cake gum drops, Finnish Duck Tales vs Swedish Duck Tales, spread my stapler and fly away and the one about math

has info on the site too.


Hillary Duff & Big Baby Jesus said...

When I went to http://lohanfacial.ytmnd.com/ I expected a different kind of Lindsay Lohan facial.

I was sadly disappointed.

Andrew said...

sorry Dirt McGirt. apparently there is a not-safe-for-work version of the site at ytmnsfw.com