so what is up with eskimo boots and ponchos women are wearing all of a sudden? is fashion from the edges of the country "in" all of a sudden? will it keep moving outwards, and women will be wearing stuff from siberia and central america next? i guess I don't understand women's fashion, since it seems like every year there is some ugly thing that women start wearing. i mean, eskimo boots look ridiculous, especially when girls tuck their jeans into them. is there some sort of mass brainwashing that girls get when a new clothing item comes out? "must wear new thing, must ignore that it looks bad." and the same thing with those knit ponchos. unless you are leading llamas in the Andes, ponchos aren't for you. and when I see 8 year olds at the mall wearing ponchos, it means that the fashion trend is over. just stop.

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