so GW basketball had a big weekend, which is pretty awesome, beating #9 / #11 Michigan State and #12 Maryland (extra awesome), and we're now ranked #21 in the country on one poll, which is the first time we've been ranked in awhile.

But the funny thing I wanted to mention was that I went to the game with Morgan State (a small historically black school from Baltimore) and our dance team did routines to songs by Hot Hot Heat and the Killers. I thought this was pretty bizarre, usually the dance team (and every dance team, ever) do their dances to stuff like "We like to move it, move it" and the Jock Jams megamix, not hipster indie stuff. It was funny, to say the least, I guess whoever chose the music was some indie guy who wanted to let everybody hear some good music. And it is pretty good, but not what you expect a dance team to use. It would have been funnier if the dancers had acted like hipsters, dressed all in denim or something, smoking Gauloises and drinking PBR. But then if they were hipsters, that means they wouldn't be dancing at all, and a team like that would only be appropriate at art school, and of course art school people usually don't like sports. I wonder what they'll play next game, maybe Franz Ferdinand or the Faint or the Rapture or something. Maybe the girls will dance like the machines in the "Take Me Out" video.

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